How long does it take to make you forget we're just friends so that when we hold hands I will know you're not fooling me?

How wrong must it feel before we must meet with our suitcases nailed to our hearts just to clarify this?

No matter how well you know me you'll never guess my weakest spot
The world seems to melt around you
But you'll never guess what's on my mind

How far can you go before I have reason's to claim you're pronouncing my name in a way that says:

How can it be that days filled with offers and girls who are willing and able fulfill nothing much?

What you represent are those that I can't approach in the way that I need
If it's all that I get, misspelled letters I resend
You've got me right where you are standing

Still nothing reaches daylight
You lurk around my weakest spot
At times I detect the shape of things that I name my weakest spot
If it's wrong, right of passed control
Fear, love or just my weakest spot
If it's true, trash or fact or fiction
In my head or your kitchenette
Well you know the secret and how it keep it
Make your bed, fall back and sleep in it
I may mistake the sing you're sending
Future crashes, friendships ending
You'll never know you're my weakest spot

Weakest spot, weakest spot, weakest spot

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