Midwinter Night de Aeon Noctis

Paroles de chanson Midwinter Night de Aeon Noctis

Midwinter Night
Midwinter Night

Midwinter night... stars shine so bright...
Majestic visions of the woods, -
To men they bring obscure fear and sadness.

As many thousands years ago,
Now Winter starts her masquerade,
Awaking spirits of primordial madness.

Since ancient times in Midwinter Night
Wolves follow call of frozen moonlight
And gather in hordes to sing
Anthems to her chilling might.

Wolves, eldritch children of moonlight
Still celebrate this magic night
As feast of primal freedom
And wild delights.

But humans here are unwanted guests
They'd better stay at their nests
' Cause souls of dusk awake this night
In all their majesty and might

As ruthless plague for human race
They seek revenge for all pain and disgrace
Of human deeds, of human reign
So miserable and insane

The feast begins, so wild and strange
It's time for Nature to revenge!
As stranger enters wood this night,
He is bewitched by primal might
Of wolfish hordes surrounding him.
Their chilling chants awake his fear.
Who would believe that fear can kill,
That nightmare can become so real?

Frost comes to his heart…
His fear is growing…
His blood is freezing fast…
And now it's hardly flowing!

So listen to the wolfish song
Which is so sorrowful and long.
It is the Nature's revelation
That brings to human race damnation

"The weakest creature in the world,
With feeble flesh and shallow soul,
Why do you poison your mind
And set on fire your home?

Your reign is your insane illusion,
The way of chaos and confusion.
Now what can you pay for your shameful life?
Stop your madness, awake or die!

You have thrown down a challenge to natural might
Now blinded by snow and put to flight
You feel as your blood is quickly turning to ice

And again will be silent reign of snow
In frozen moonlight pail shadows will grow
And wolves will gather to hail
Holy Night of Revenge.

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