Reign Of Emptiness de Aeon Noctis

Paroles de chanson Reign Of Emptiness de Aeon Noctis

Reign Of Emptiness
Reign Of Emptiness

Once I awoke and realized
That I am just a ghost
Surrounded by puppets
Bound to their roles

Same things day by day
As they are ruled by someone's sway
I challenged it but failed
And now I am dethroned and damned

In the oblivion of night
I'm walking twilight path of sadness
Alone and free, I left this world of lie…
Of endless fear, hipocrisy and madness
But I remember those sweet times
Of my majestic reign
And the prophecy that says some day
I shall obtain my throne again.

Now oblivion's realm of mine
As ruthless time goes by
I'm beholding human life
So abandoned…

I await the blessed time when the sun goes down
I await the night in her magic gown
When spirits of dusk unchain my mind
When the time of my reign will come

Neglected by the world of light
And cast into the outer darkness
I swore to return and bring the reign of dusk

And when I bring the torch of night
And gather warriors to fight
Together we will burn to ash
This realm of hateful lie.

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