Enderly de Balance Problems

Paroles de chanson Enderly de Balance Problems

im sitting down inside the shower
as beads of water climb my veins
the tile floor is cold beneath me
the steam is fogging mirror panes

im making mental notes of halls ive walked
and pills ive yet to take
ive recovered slow and hope that
ill be seeing you today

white lights flash below and flicker
the city wakes as i still sleep
in an electric bed my arm is fed
i feel the glowing tv screen

the clever clock above will sing out
at every hours chance it has
im feeling lonely less cause youve been here
the time will surely pass

ive been kept inside for too long now
im begging you to break me out
theyve medicated me for days
im living in a foreign place
ive been wasting away
but i figured out that healing starts
when i can see your face

now im looking out my window. the cars are moving so slow.
the grass absorbs some rays of sun below.

a sharpened needle breaks my skin and im waiting for the medicine
to take me to a world devoid of loneliness

now im sinking to the bottom
of an ocean under me
the lights are dimming from the surface
and muffled noises surround me

ive lost the sense of touch
but love is still inside my dream
of perfect silence and escaping life
we drift slowly to sleep

youve been here all day long
i hope you see what its meant to me

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