Something About Owls de Balance Problems

Paroles de chanson Something About Owls de Balance Problems

Something About Owls
Something About Owls

The smoke is filling up the room
I say im sick , so we sneak outside to greet the moon

O hate the feeling that ill puke; if i move
One more inch i will...and i do
The sidewalk is the perfect place
for you to sit and me to laugh at my disgrace

A little dog walks up and curls into a ball right at our feet
...we all need sleep

I dont want to forget the sound of our teeth shaking
in the cold air we try to keep heat cirulating
but its so damn hard, lets head back to the car

Earlier today you gave me a gift
so we could celebrate my age
a clumsy bird that you hand-stuffed and sewed
complete with a small pouch...there was always
something about owls.

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