Move On de Battery

Paroles de chanson Move On de Battery

Move On
Move On

quitely, i sit, the lights are dim.
and a hint of loneliness fills the room i'm in.
why am i so afraid, that i spend my days alone
for fear of being turned away?

so this time, can i open up and see what's inside
that i've spent my whole life trying to hide?

bitterly, i wait
for the big mistake everyone's been expecting me to make.
you said i'd push my friends away and end up dying alone,
but people in glass houses shouldn't be throwning stones.


i've got to move on.
i've got to move on, i've got to climb these walls.
i've got to find a place where i'm not destined to fall.
got to find a way to remove this mask,
because it's keeping me at arm's length from the things i lack.

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