Obsession de Bertine Zetlitz

Paroles de chanson Obsession de Bertine Zetlitz


Sure she's got an innocent face
Sure she's got an eminent grace
Soon you see that every trace
Is gonna' lead right back to you

Surely she's been planning it all
Girls will often do when they fall
They don't even bother to call
They are easily seen through

I have seen her flushing her pills
She has got some eminent skills
Always came along for the thrills
It's all leading back to you

Money, where there's none to be found
She is always fooling around
Draggin' anyone with her down
You will never have a clue

Honey if you want to
I will take you dancing in the rain
You're my obsession

Honey if you'd like to
I will show you this is not in vain
My sweet regression

Honey you don't know her at all
Never know if she's gonna' call
Never know if she's gonna' stall
And then lead them back to you

Often you'll regret she is there
Often you'll forget why you stare
Even though you know it's not fair
And you're easily seen through

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