One Life To Live de Brazen Abbot

Paroles de chanson One Life To Live de Brazen Abbot

One Life To Live
One Life To Live

I'm riding down this long rocky road
Wondering where it will go
With the wind in my face
And a dream in my heart

Moving along sometimes empty and cold
There's only one thing i know
You got to believe
And be who you are

I'm gonna take my chances
I'll lay it all on the line
I'm gonna find the answers
Take it one day at a time

I got one life to live
And i'm gonna live it my way
One dream to give
I'm gonna get in some day
I got one life to live
Some day my star's gonna shine
I got one dream to give
I'll have my moment in time

Burned at the stake
My sacrifice out of the ashes i rise
The moment of truth
O got nothing to lose

You can't shake my faith
I will survive
There will be no compromise
I'll do what i want
And i'll be who i choose

I'm gonna take my chances...

I'm saying a prayer tonight
My eyes to the sky
This time i swear i'll find true love
Before i die

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