for me say you carbon
different from the original man
well, King Selassie I is the almighty one
and not the demonical one

well, me see clear down in a Revelation
one man was worthy and he is to come
fi sit upon the throne and burn down Vatican

well, many are call but only few are choose
don't try to put your foot ina another man's shoes
then you know you only would a get confuse
impersonating rastaman do refuse
and corruption bingiman exclude
nuff a dem a come with things dem a try prove
competition dem a run
we know dem a go lose
all who a try fi eat another man food
then you know you the rude

Emperor Selassie I me choose.. me can't lose


Nah try sit down ina another man chair
Cake it so big and every man have dem share
Nuff a dem a eagle, dragon and bear
Bwoi you can not escape you judgement chair
King Selassie I alone the rastaman fear
Again again again again again


Well nuff a dem a come like a race dem a run
Emperor Selassie I dem send me come
The meditation from me heart and the words of me tongue
Me come fi burn down Sodom


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