He said:
My mommy won't let us sit on the couch.
Well, if she wants a couch to look at, why don't she get a picture?
And then we can sit on the couch!

Would you like- two pair of shoes?
Why would I want- two pair of shoes?
What if those wear out?
Do you want me to carry... this other pair of shoes around?
Waiting for my other pair of shoes to wear out?

Fear of need is need baby.
Fear of need makes you bleed baby.
Hurry hurry hurry on down the line.
You don't have much time to get there and it's almost nine.

Down a line all the time.
You can't belong to nobody.
You can't belong to them not here.
You must be upset.
I'll be the blame.
You be insane, I'll be the blame.
You'll be insane- you'll be insane!
You'll be insane! You'll be insane!
Memineminame! Memineminane!
Living insane dang dang da-dang.

Bang Bang.
My mom.
I wish my drum.
I have my drum.
I meant da dum.

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