Green Goés de Charlie Brown Jr.

Paroles de chanson Green Goés de Charlie Brown Jr.

Green Goés
Green Goés

They don't understand u us dog yeah they think that shit
Is funny u know i'm over here chillin with my dogs
Brasil we ride or die my nigga chorao word up

Que lo que e que pasa llegue con toda mi rasa
Latinos qual la baina estoy hasta la raya
Nunca duermo en la ciudad de piedra sigo mi riegra en
Un mundo sangrino de guierra
A los que cren saben pero no ven
Si ves deveras lo cres dos building se caen muchas
Muertes asi se puso u.s.a digo say say say that's what
They say you could say whatever da fuck you wanna say
Ha ha i'm coming thru yo they don't know nothing i'm
Trying to explain
Bush is bullshit for me you know what i'm saying i
Don't need none of thatnone of that
I'm brasilian and i ain't got that shit in
My vaine
Que lo que es q pasa llegue con toda mi rasa a
Concretizar la fuersa
Somos poco pero locos de sampa a nueva york que si que
Es mejor
Unir la conexcion lo voz del gueto despierta es un
Sacramento chorao green goes que vinor epresentar
Respecto y humildad la union que nos guia ha si
Expressar revolucionar

Skate vibration oldschool charlie brown
Rude-boy on the house, dont stop check it out

Confisco persisto ha nuestro destino registro assino
Ha kikolatino
Yo hablo lo que veo enfreinto lo mas feo pero tienes
Un deseo
Pip me inside the society but deeply vamos nos unir
Chorao sacramento mc's in da house yo....

Trama man the drama man yeah
Dandada dem wanna fi test the champion non stopa
Lite up a match and set u on fire
Come into uor house and steal your murrada
Fi say anything dem fi get slapa
Two shots ina d air a dem a gangstar gangstar

Os malokeiro brasileiro foram pro queens atras dos
Juntaram com chorao e agora vao fazer historia
The best color and 2 make a dolla try to fallow
Got teach u make a dolla check it out
Because i aint got times for bitchs
Got keep my mind on the mothafucker richs
Skatebord style i'm a million dollars baby
Smoke two blunts and i'm gonne let u blaze it yo
I'm gonne do what i got do, that's the way i do right
That's gonne make u dudes feel good yoi know do que tu
Ablas, because i know o que se passa
Me nombre e chorao esta essa e a minha raca
Sacramento mcs sao todos meu compassa
Vc sabe quem nos somos agora respeito e nao se farca

Skate vibration oldschool charlie brown
Rudebwoy on the house, dont stop check it out

You fronted blame the smoke from the marijuana
Gonna die hard like desparado in tijuana desrespected
Now your life is on it
Guns are zoning, murderes are runing
Adrenaline so high got get the gunning
Your ass best to start runing
Like mexicans from border patrol bunnie
Saint that funny i shot a few rounds, willing to go
Run this town don't even dance around like some

Surviving in the gutter ain't kinda hard to breathe
I'll be number 1 stunner rocking army fettit
Struggling bugging thru the blocks of sao paulo we
Stay thugin'
Lyrical key slugging' thru the minds of a juvenile
Who's raised up in the ghetto nigga ain't kinda of
Hard to predict
The future of a king make money for instinct survival
Of the fittest like my niggas in queens bridge

Skate vibration oldschool charlie brown
Rudeboy on the house, dont stop check it out

Toda via yo se lo que hago usted me conoce yo vengo
Del barrio ha usted sabe como lo hago entonces es un
Weon maricon que tanto habla shit yeah i know what you
Saying you are all ready there
Pero tu sabe lo que digo sabe lo que suplico pues
Divulgo mi nonbre kiko kiko kiko kikolatino ha hablo
Lo que veo enfriento lo mas feo kiko kiko kikolatino
Yo hablo lo que veo infriento lo mas feo pero tienes
Un deseo aham yo hablo lo que veo enfriento lo mas
Feo pero tienes un deseo you know what i'm talking
About yo yeah i'ma do it like this waiting on popos
Nigga don't wanna go broke....

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