Yeah! yeah!
I be killin' 'em
Ye ye, i'm killin' 'em
Till my bank statement reads 27 million
They said i couldn't do it so you know i gotta get it done
Acrobatic rappin' the way that webby be flippin' son
Six mixtapes and the fans need more
I hit the fork in the road and took a detour
Fire marshall shuttin' shows down
Cause i blow up spots like a dalmatian strapped up with c4
Blow minds when they heard the rap
Hustle so many tapes you think i'm servin crack
Make bass lines sizzle when i burn a track
Only dude who made datpiff's server crash
Yo i'm nice better learn the facts
Came a long fuckin' way not a chance i'll be turning back
Uh, so you know that i'm a rap check 'em
When i put my fitted cap back like ash ketchum
I beat 'em up grab an emt
Think you better then you must be takin' dmt
Dream on mothafucka i am thee mc
Hard body flow cop my tape at gnc
I shut 'em up like they papa doc
Cause i got more lines than a stop & shop
On the day before thanksgiving yeah i drop a lot
Of shit stealthy in the game like an ocelot
Mortal kombat logo tatted on my back
So you know i'm gonna "finish him" from the moment i attack
I'm a train passenger all i need is a track
To be getting' where i'm goin' and when i do it's a wrap
So step when i bust
Get left in my dust
I'm in it to the finish investin' my bucks
The best and i just don't stop... an animal
My manager found me up at pet supplies plus
Plus i be killin' 'em consecutively
Without expending any energy effortlessly
I got a bag full of trees, chef boyardee
And a hometown throne in the 203
Motherfuckas know
They better tuck and roll
Cause i'm the master and commander of this shit
They call me russell crowe
I'll never love a ho
So i'll wear a rubber bro
If i have a kid i'll get disowned by my mother yo
On another note nobody can step to me
I think i may have told you already but with my memory
It's hard to remember anything after all the ecstasy
But still they can't touch me like i got a case of leprosy
I got 'em askin' questions like they playin' jeopardy
"a dope spittin' white boy? "
"what is chris webby"
See they take shit too serious, i'm here to add some levity
Roll a j and take one to the head john kennedy
What i'm here to do is pretty fuckin' clear cut
Even at 45 with a beer gut
I'm a still get your chick wetter than a tear duct
And make mixtapes that'll get your ear fucked
Not in taylor gang,
Not a young mula
I'm in webby's world
I am the 1 rula
Nerf gun shoota
With a dumb aim
Leavin' monica lewinsky with a cum stain
Untamed understand the flows
I'm dope, but at this point the fans should know
Hbo flow with a band of bros
And a chick with an ass fatter then amber rose
I throw 'em off like a star pitcher
They can't follow the flow the way the bars hit cha
I'm a bar spitta
Them beaten me is like seein' mel gibson at a bar mitzvah
I be killin' 'em
I be killin' 'em
Webby's lab

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