Laundry Basket de Cigar

Paroles de chanson Laundry Basket de Cigar

Laundry Basket
Laundry Basket

What the hell is up with that,
When you can't buy your own laundry basket?
Why was I the victim? You stole my wicker tool
I came inside to check on my clothing as they're drying
I could've sworn I left it in the apartment laundry room

But now it's gone my clothing in a bundle
With socks, and pants, and underwear
Falling to the ground

Fuck the guy who took my shit
And stole my laundry basket
If I see you with my basket in the laundry room
I'll kick your ass shit on clothes
And take back my fuckin' laundry basket
And then you'll be the victim because
You stole my wicker tool.

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