What Would You Do de City High

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What Would You Do
What Would You Do

Boys and girls wanna hear a true story,
saturday night i was at this real wild party
they had the licker over flowin the cups
bout 5 6 stripers try'n to work for a buck
then i took one girl outside with me
her name was Lani
she went to junior high with me
i said why you up in there dancin for cash
if theres a whole lotta changed she said

Chorus: (women's voice)
what would you do if your son was at home
cryin all alone on the bedroom floor 'cause he's hungry
and the only way to feed him is to
sleep with a man for a little bit a money
and his daddy's gone somewhere smokin rock now
in and out of lockdown
i ain't got a job now so for you this is just a good time
but for me this is what i call life hmmmm...

girl you ain't the only one with a baby
thats no excuse to be livin all crazy
then she looked me right square in the eye
she said every day i wake up hopin to die
nigger i know about pain cos,
me and my sister ran away so our daddy couldn't rape us
before i was a teenager
i been in more shit that you cant even relate to

Chorus (womens voice)

yo wait a second man, somethings just aint sounding right,
you trying to tell me your girlfriend couldnt just go
out and get a regular job?
that is mad, shortys going through the same thing you know
If i ever ran into your girlfriend id probably say
hold up

what would you do
get up on my feet and let go of every excuse

what would you do
cause i wouldn't want my baby to go through what i went through

c'mon what would you do
get up on my feet and stop making tired excuses

what would you do
girl i know if my mother can do it baby you can do it

Chorus in (women's voice)
Chorus again in (man's voice in rap way)
Chorus again in (women's voice)

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