Find A Way de Coldcut

Paroles de chanson Find A Way de Coldcut

Find A Way
Find A Way

I think you're a sucker if you stand there
In the midst of all this political fanfare
We're constantly fightin to keep our rights, and
The more we press on, the more they tighten
Their grip, but I'm a soldier keepin me from any rupture
Don't listen to the negative, it will only self-destruct ya
Blowin a cloud of smoke? Yo, you must be on a mission
You wanna smoke somethin? Smoke this one

Smoke this one

Who will save the day?
Lord have mercy
Who will find a way?
Lord have mercy
Who will take away the strife
Lord have mercy
Oh Lord, rescue me from this life
Lord have mercy

Who will be the leader? (Who will be the leader?)
In a government so corrupt, they get greedier and greedier
What happened to a government for the people, by the people
What people? We ain`t equal
Discriminated against for race, religion, education
And you call this a nation?
I'm here to tell ya, hey, there ain't a day
(That what?) we should continue goin on this way
Who will be responsible for teachin the youth the truth
Who's accountable for establishin world peace?
Catch the thugs, get rid of the drugs
Cure the poor, when will the bullshit cease?
Think of what you wanna say, no doubt
No one'll ever know you're stupid till you open your mouth
I'm callin your bluff, it's time for a decision
(Ask me) but if you got more beef, smoke this one

Smoke this one

I'm the Queen by virtue of her guidance, show me
Guarded by the Flavor Unit, no one can dethrone me
Latifah, the feminine professor of wits
Coldcut's on the mix
And it ticks us off when we see so much wrong
(What's wrong) World, what's goin on?
That's a question for you to ask yourself
Or are you that caught up in your wealth?
Kids are growin up with materialistic minds
They become cruel and unkind
Spendin all your money on Nikes and Filas
But when you see a panhandler, it's "Ha-ha-ha
What a bum, get a job," I should hit you
With another verse of lyrics that`ll fitcha
The words are cunning, stunning enough to pierce
But if you wanna get fierce (do what?) smoke this one.

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