Vatican Roulette de Dave Melillo

Paroles de chanson Vatican Roulette de Dave Melillo

Vatican Roulette
Vatican Roulette

Your body aches from all the alcohol you drank
But you tell yourself that youre still in control
This chicks been talking for so long about herself
That you hope all of this listening pays off soon
Well you heard that this was easy
And you understand that every man has a certain set of things he has to prove

You were only sixteen about an hour ago
And you did not fear what you did not know
So you went upstairs to get what youve been waiting for
You took three deep breaths and held her hand real tight
She whispered take it slow and turned off the light
You wonder if shes done this kind of thing before

Sixteen candles are on this bed tonight
And with every piece of clothing you take off they die
These sixteen candles will burn out tonight
And the fire wont rekindle once the last flame dies

You wake up slow but sure that something is amiss
The light beside the bed is on, your stomach hurts, and your pants are gone
The bits and pieces of the night fade in and out
You just cant comprehend, so you go and ask a friend
He said he saw you go upstairs, a girl with darkish brownish hair
That you sort of, kind of, dont really remember
Do you remember?

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