In This Torment de Devil Ate My Son

Paroles de chanson In This Torment de Devil Ate My Son

In This Torment

In This Torment

End this dream.her horror unleashed.
Daylight is fading. End her misery.

His name echoes from building walls
Out into the darkest alleyes
Five million ears seem deaf to a voice
Of purest fear burdened with guilt

This city is breathing in. Filling it's lungs
with death.
Eating the flesh of those who cannot bare it's
Mother of terror the war upon our necks
And when the shadows cast - hell's opening
it's gates

Release the flames-this boy won't die in chaos
Heaven in hands-as long as there is hope
All bastards roam -they smell the taste of profit
Dear mother run - protect your child from this

Yes, there won't be a home tonight
There won't be a home no more

There won't be any save place
No light for an abused child
Abducted and beaten
One more name disappears

In this torment - death is freedom

This won't be your fall from grace
Welcome your better days

Is there hope in -this city
Is there life in -this city
Is there home - tonight
Will there be sleep - tonight
Burn the shades of -this city
Kill the flames of -this city
Die the will of -this city
Tar it's lungs - to be free

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