Monolith de Devil Ate My Son

Paroles de chanson Monolith de Devil Ate My Son


high polish policy let the fools follow in line
religious delusions are the resolutions for a secular
in this symbiosis are we the spider
in this symbiosis are we the fly
will there be a heaven in this sickness called
but this fuel burns our frail passion
all doves have been killed in the gears of western
warbirds surgical warfare shall reassure
the indifference of nations so pipes are
marching forth dividing friends into enemies
antagonists of neo-colonisation
a war that incinerates the faith in reason
compliant through disobedience
the kingdom set's itself ablaze
murder is written on the stars and the strips
as well as it is carved into Babel's ruins
all armies rearm for the last holy war
and in god they trust

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