Descendants Of Satan de Diabolical Breed

Paroles de chanson Descendants Of Satan de Diabolical Breed

Descendants Of Satan
Descendants Of Satan

As cold as the silence
Embracing this world
In the hour of power exposed.
Frozen stars that enlightens

Infernal art of black, magic profound.
Ingratiating darkness conquering
Mortal minds forlorn, sadistic ideas art born.
Ecstatic exitement misanthropically,

Fullbread descendants of Satan art we...
worthy of being hated by God.
The order of chaos hast taken control,
Enchanting the wisdom of man.
Blossoming seeds of a dark intellect,

By the hands of God untouched.
Heretic outcasts of Heaven ravaging
The mortal realm for centuries of darkness to come.
Like wolves among sheep in christian
Herds upon tender souls shalt feast,

praising the art of gluttony.
Fullmoon light reflecting cruelty morbid,
a ruthless hangmans grunt to pathetic pleads.
Black roses flourishing in beads of

melting snow, telling tales of purity
Lost from which they grow.
Greatness beyond measurement swaddled
In eternal darkness overpowering

Heavenly forces in desperate struggle for light.
I descended from the beast, a heritage divine.
Forever faithful... I worship.
Prince of darkness, origin of all,
In awe I kneel before thee.

As cold as the silence embracing this world
In the hour of power exposed.
Frozen stars that enlightens minions
That art bound to him... the one who bless the night.
Genesis torn to unholy fragments

Scattered in darkness opaque.
Before the fading image of a fallen regent divine,
diabolical mayhem mystique.
May death take away those unwilling
To fight for the ancestor's kingdom of might.

May the nights unholy spirits arise...
Breeds out of Hell in nocturnal disguise.
Written gospels profane for pagan souls to preach,
fading celestial lies.
Disintegrated remains of beauty abhor...
An angel's face with the Devil's eyes.
We bleed for thee...

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