Hominis Nocturna de Diabolical Breed

Paroles de chanson Hominis Nocturna de Diabolical Breed

Hominis Nocturna
Hominis Nocturna

What art these creatures,
Who walks the night,
With eyes that glows in the dark.
Who wanders the shadowside
With hellish hunger in their eyes...

whos soulless figures which Stella Mala calls upon.
Children of the pagan serpent,
Who once infested the sacred garden.
Carriers of the shadow which mortal men call death.

Born and raised in Hell...
To haunt mankind as ghosts.
O mysterious stars in the godforsaken sky.
Take the shape of the unholy symbol.
Gaze into the frightened eyes of God's created man.

O wicked star, cast thy light upon this world.
Summon for mortal eyes to see... the nightborn child.
"A black castle of drearyness shalt rise as the light of Stella Mala
strikes the earth to greet the dark lord and his chatelaine."

Pallid faces in the sky
Completes the heretic circle,
wherein the symbol of sin releases the light,
Made out of the essence of darkness.
Creations art born of nightly terror,
Whos purpose was determined centuries
Before Eve listened to their masters call.
"To haunt mankind...as ghosts"
O great sire of blackened damnation,
Grant these night created
Beings the powers only thou possess.
Watch over these godforsaken children of chaos,
as they leave the circle in search for prey.
Under thy imperious glance
They shalt kill at night... in thy name.
For thou art their lord... thou art their father.

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