The Night Of Shooting Stars de Diabolical Breed

Paroles de chanson The Night Of Shooting Stars de Diabolical Breed

The Night Of Shooting Stars
The Night Of Shooting Stars

Kill the priest...
Hold the black banner
High in this final eclipse.
Behold the sights of wonder,

The master hast blown
The horn of sickened souls.
A thousand unholy spiris
Rises in sacreligious sites,

To view the last wonder
Before the darkness is complete.
A million stars on fire,
Illuminating the universe in demonic light.

Burning meteors shalt strike the earth...
Every cross shalt burn.
A worldwide riot by the city gates,
A fleeing herde of sheep in panic
By the sight of what becomes their fate.

Insanity wilt infest the minds
Of profetic voices from mankind.
Those who shalt forsee
The coming of God's anicent enemy.

Kill the exorcist...
Raging demons of all kinds
Shalt tear asunder work of God.
Evil minded, dark angels

Shalt feast upon mankind.
Behold the pentagram
Visualized in the sky,
Christian souls thou art forever doomed.
All the angels that

Hast fallen from Heaven...
In darkness complete to seek the new path.
I king Chaos shalt now reveal the face of wrath,
in this hour of blooming madness.
This is the end of the world...
this is the night of shooting stars.

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