Drown Me Out de Ed Sheeran

Paroles de chanson Drown Me Out de Ed Sheeran

Drown Me Out
Drown Me Out

I'm in so deep omar eds can relate to my situation its so real,
Pain ain't the emotion I wanna feel but I'm thriving off it so it's only right, I like this topic
I'll be on a hill, keeping my head above water
I can't afford to ever get caught in a corner
So I move with the force of a sorcerer
It's dark when I'm about just me myself and my shadow
I'm paro, running out of ammo, and it seems everybody around me is on the same path so it's narrow
Then less than a more proof for the last one left so they don't leave me as wet as an umbrella
I play fool to catch wise how we ever gonna get so clever
How can I be at my best with this pressure
I got a lot to loose but when I watch the news my mind's infected with terror
No wonder I'm under stress, I got my door kicked off by a bunch of feds
And when they left it looked like I had rave and invited more than a hundred guests
I should of bust the back door and jump the fence
It seems the way you look back, should of, would of could of but I bet you can't bring shit with a good back
Back to fifteen our face to myself, then I'm more than a hood track

[Ed sheeran]
Ooo, you can drag me in the deep ends
Ooo, but you won't ever drown me out
Ooo, you can drag me in the deep ends
Ooo, but you won't ever drown me out, out, out
You won't drown me out, out, out
Youuuuu won't drown me out

You can't ever drown me out, the water supplies too low
And I'm around 6'1, 10 stone
I never seen someone drown with insufficient amount of liquid in my lungs

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