The Law Of Balance de Eliane Silva

Paroles de chanson The Law Of Balance de Eliane Silva

The Law Of Balance
The Law Of Balance

The sky will open from north to south
And beyond that appears blue
The son of God, in glory and light
The Church will rise to meet Jesus ...
Go, go, go, goes the bride turned up
To meet the bridegroom, the Prince of Peace, wonderful.
Go, go, go of. nostalgia here, who was ..

"And when the church go up in the rapture, those who were left tosay brings bitter voice:" My God! The ozone layer has been seriously compromised, the ultraviolet rays of the sun overheated the Earth, our glaciers are melts our seas overflowing causing floods and tsunamis devastating everything killing millions, collapsing buildings, cars crashing, planes falling, is the end of humanity !!!"."

But the law of equilibrium prevails in the Universe
Because he was always so in the beginning, middle and end
If some are born some die, others climb down a few,
In this case the church is going up ...
It will be great suffering when that happens
All nations of the earth will weep and moan will
The impact of the rapture the planet will shake, shake, shake ...

Will shake, shake, shake, destabilize the Blue Planet Solar System
When you switch off, disconnect the power and divine supernatural
That shields the Earth from evil invisible lethal indestructible
Inductively immune to the satellite radar sensor.
Will shake, shake, shake, swing and fall
Our ecosystem will not resist
As John said in the vision when the angel opened the jails has risen from the abyss
From deep evil devastating kicking off the era of darkness
And the earth was without his guardian

Then shake, shake the ground | Cry, cry, cry
Who interceded for You went away to glory
Cry, cry the earth, tears of gall
Who by You cry tears of blood went up to heaven

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