Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Scoundrels de Eminem

Paroles de chanson Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Scoundrels de Eminem

Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Scoundrels
Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Scoundrels

Shane Capone... the idiotic Bizarre
Spit in your face

Shut the fuck up, before your ass get knocked
It's hard to talk, with a gun in your mouth
Dirty Dozen, nothin' but bad news
Fuck a bitch in the ass with a rubber Hush just used
Fuck the pain, I don't give a shit
Tie me up and beat my ass cheek with hockey sticks
(uh! "you're sick") I don't give a damn
Smokin' crack with Michael Jackson in the ???? ??? program
Blaow, blaow! You hear this loud sound
Fuckin' the engineer's wife while he's mixin' my songs down
Walkin' up in the elementary, lookin' like a bum
Watch some kid yell "He's got a gun!"
I'm the shadiest nigga here to come out the Dirty Doz
Do a song with you and tell people how wack your verse was
("Shit's wack!") I'm laid back like John Forte'
Who got a screwdriver so me and my girl can have foreplay?

We some dirty, filthy, rotten scoundrels
Dirty, filthy, rotten scoundrels
Dirty, filthy, rotten scoundrels
Dirty, filthy, rotten scoundrels

Dirtyyyyyy, filthyyyyyy, rottennnn, scoundrels
Dirtyyyyyy, filthyyyyyy, rottennnn, scoundrels

We walk around this bitch triflin'
Quick to sock a nigga while we cipherin'
Rubber gloves, Black man rifled in my right hands
Watchin' rappers dash like hyphens
Burnin' y'all without the Tetracycline
I'ma let your set know, I can get drunker than Jethro
Just to run up on you, and crack you with this ????
Smash your vehicle, snatch your key and go
You niggaz think you got somethin' to say, let me know
Don't bite your tongue, fuck it
Rappers switch subjects
When I'm steppin' in they company, them hoes don't get budgets
Snatchin' briefcases with your hundreds
Packin' heat just in case you want it (nope)
Bodies in abundance
I have no feelings, tell you the truth - I'm known, bitch
I'm lettin' loose any affiliate you run with
So pack your gun quick (nigga), 'cause I'ma let you know
You ain't got a bone to pick with me, bitch I fuck so

Aiyo I'm iller than a white rapper usin' the word nigga (WHAT!?)
Got a conflict with my dick like Dirk Diggler
Became sick in the brain since Bugz's death
Whoever did it, I'm a bust a nose, slugs is left
I'm harder than my dick when I'm watchin' my first porn
Ill enough to kill your wife while she's havin' her first born
Leavin' the hospital, in a voice just like Beavis
Screamin' "I need some!" while I'm holding up a fetus
Spittin' the hot shit, nickname is Godzilla (ugggh!)
Natural born, undercover cop killa
On the reala, yo, you're just an enemy
Bout to come up missing like a second John Kennedy
Try to gamble with Swift, muthafucka the bet's on
Let Shane fuck your bitch while Bizarre jacks off
Hush, I'm crushing rappers while I'm somersaulting backwards
Bustin' nuts up in your mattresses, says nobody a better rapper


[Shane Capone]
What you motherfuckas want, red dots when I pull it
Unless your name's Pac, you ain't shakin' five bullets
Anymore, we hustle for cheddar, cheese, and mayo
Quick to hit your city up with more felonies than Jayo
We got murder for hire, all it takes is a call
We leave you slumped over in the suburbs like Biggie Smalls
Venomous lyrics, spittin' shit like pipe bombs
Leave your maggot brain, hangin' out the frame like Esham
We some Dirty, Filthy
But y'all ain't feelin' this shit
We cummin' sicker than a syphilis dick
When we spit, somebody find Puff
Go tell him we got Jennifer hostage
We gon' rape this little bitch, ain't none of y'all stoppin'
'Cause we raw doggin' these bitches and they asshole with age
Hell naw, this ain't range, but I got pistols on beret
Big Capone up in this bitch like the return of the living dead
And have your white born bloody sheets and a horse up in your bed
Ain't no freestyle rapper, but I play for Bugz without no problem
Have you stand around, look and dance, fucked like Dennis Rodman
If you didn't want this muthafuckin' rap game twisted
You should have never let Detroit listed (muthafucka)


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