Everything Is Shady de Eminem

Paroles de chanson Everything Is Shady de Eminem

Everything Is Shady
Everything Is Shady

[50 Cent] Shady
[Eminem] Pussies! {*echoes*}

{*gunfire, some glass shatters, and a car revs then peels out*}

Fall in and get quoted y'all
Yeah, it's Ca$his
Welcome to the Shady gang, G's up!

Obie went plat' and he back with another classic
50 went diamond, smash twice, bastards
D12 multi back-to-back
Eminem become the highest sellin' artist in rap
Stat Quo the mixtape messiah, in the Phantom
About to run the A, when we drop "Statlanta"
Bobby Creek, you know his motherfuckin' name nigga
Bobby Creek, he ain't no motherfuckin' game nigga
I'm Ca$his, mixtape is a classic
EP is a classic, LP, is that shit!
Dart Parker my A&R, but much more
He told me go all out and serve 'em all homeboy
I'm a West nigga, a Midwest nigga
I'm the best nigga, 'cause we the best niggaz
From street team to G.M. to V.P.
Shady crime fam in this rap shit is the dream team

We took a break for a minute and now we bangin'
But we've been listenin' to everything you've been sayin'
Now we're comin' for everybody who hatin'
From '06 on, everything is Shady

Killa Ca$h hard, 'bout to smash frauds
Lookin' past broads, through the rampart
I can handle narcs, when the cannon sparks
You hit the ground and I snatch your bandanna mark
We ridin' out for Proof, it's Shady gang nigga
Hope you bullet-proof, fat fuck lame nigga
Know who I'm talkin' to? Glad your man did
You 'bout to get it too, rest with your fam man
This a cold game, live by the codes man
E'rything you see is not, a 7-4 king
The son of cocaine, new form of dope man
Plus I'm holdin' weight, 'cause I'm the dope man
A West Coast gangsta, Chi-Town goon
Interstate runner, watch me drive a brick through
And we ain't backin' down, way past rappin' now
Right before my album drop my homeboys'll clap you down


A born winner, similar to mi familia
County here I'm comin to burn your whole city up
I catch you up in the club empty the fifth on ya
You all know who's pussy, by Vivica
I'm the realest nigga, you wanna Malcolm me?
If you a dealer nigga you can get box from me
I had rocks in jeans, socks of cream, glocks and things
From March 7th, '06, got with the team
Now I'm on the scenes, reachin' out flick it seem
Bein' a celebrity bringin' me mo' bitches
In a position I'm watched by mo' snitches in place
at the end of the plots I hold niggaz
Figures, are increasing, peace is not
Last week to a point where police was shot
And if niggaz wan' know, what I been 'bout lately
Nigga take it how you want bitch, rap for Shady


Everything is Shady
I'm from the West coast
And the Midwest, C-A-dot, Ca$h!
Boats boy, block boys
We pioneering this, in a race to be legends
Now, Ca$h!
We tie dot, I'm a Shady gangsta nigga

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