it's shady
aka the army
shady records
break it down

i do alot a spittin and i dont gotta try
but i aint got rhymes to waste
so lets make 'em

i aint no gangsta i aint gotta start frontin'
i just call Banks up if i need ot pop somethin

i gotta friend of mine named 50 cent i signed
this shits official
now the deals finished and its time
to get down to this buisness lets go get these nicks and dimes
so hury up and cop g-unit shit before its gone
its like a gold mine for my 'manatic nine
and bounce right back gotta be like Micheal Myers
this shit must be a sign
these lables must be blind
Columbia i know this must be fuckin with they minds
they know they bout to cry cuz they missed out but i
know how to get the dope
cuz Dre gave me a business mind
i say in my line
i hit 'em with the nine
i had an empty clip
but they didnt check the chamber HAA!!

(chorus X2)
i aint no gangsta i aint gotta start frontin'
i just call Banks up when i need to pop something
but u gon' feel our shit
you gon' hit the stop button
we gon' fuck you up a long time. u gon' get stomped stuntin

damn 50!
this shits about to hit the fan 50
fuck happened to ja?
hes got the sickest vendetta
he must think that you better
you bout to play with his paper
you gonna fuck up his cheddah
now homie think we gon' sweat 'em
but we just gon' forget 'em
now if he dont shut up we'll dead em
now Yayo stomp his head in
its all good
cus we'd rather rap then to let a
pussy play yourself outta pocket homie
so tell him he better be easy
start some bullshit'll get his whole crew wet
D-twizzy, Obie, 50 cent nd G-unit
yo he don't want it cuz he's always drugged out
you wont see one picture where his pupils aint bugged out

(chorus X2)

damn 50!
shady records

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