up here in my tree, yeah
newspapers matter not to me, yeah
no more crowbars to my head, yeah
i'm tradin' stories with leaves instead, yeahwave to all my friends, yeah
they don't seem to notice me, no
all their eyes trained on the street, yo, no
sidewalks, cigarettes, and seen the temptedit's up here so high i start to mistake
up here so high in the sky, i scrape
i'm so high i hold just one breathe
a deep breathe in my chest
just like innocence
i remember when, yeah
swore i blew everything away, yeah
let's say knowledge is a tree, yeah
it's growin' up just like me, yeahi'm so light, the wind he shakes
i'm so high up in the sky, i scrape, yeah
i'm so high i hold just one breathe
to go back to my nest... sleeping innocenceup here so high the boughs may break
up here so high in the sky i swayand my eyes peeled both wide open
and i got a glimpse of my innocence
got back my innocence... really got it... still got it.

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