i lost her in a flash of a second
she left coz she didnt like my shit.her name it began with 'L',
and ended in an 'A'
add an 'I' and 'S' to the middle,
she was Lisa*chorus*Fit and fit as fit can be,
blonde and tall,she loved me
but,although,she had her wits,
and,also,she had big tits!could i have been so dumb,
well,yeah, i was bred from my mum!*bridge*why'd i have to treat her bad?
why'd i end up makin her sad?
she must hate me,
why does this be?ode to a lost love*chorus*she was sweet,as sweet can be,
looked after Hailie,for me
liked my music,
and my dickwhy'd i treat her bad?*chorus**bridge*chorus to fade

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