I'm gonna kill this bitch...
I'm gonna kill Him!
I'm going to fucking jail
Cuz I'm gonna kill this bitch[Dave]
Yo' Man[Eminem]
I don't know...
I got a really really bad feeling bout this..[Eminem]
Man would you shut the fuck up ya always get a bad feeling man..
That's her car right there...
Just, Park..[Dave]
I'm parking![Eminem]
Fuck it...Turn the fucking car off dog[Dave]
Aight...We wait[Dave]
We wait for what?[Eminem]
We wait until she comes out
Then I'ma fucking kill her![Dave]
Man,You aint gonna kill a anyo-..
(Eminem: Man fuck the fuck up dog..)
What the fuck did you bring that for!?[Eminem]
Just shut up,
The fucking clip is empty[Dave]
Hey, dont point that thing on me![Eminem]
It's not even loaded bitch look[Dave]
Dude! (Eminem: Hahaha)
GOD!I fucking hate when ya do that shit[Eminem]
Ya but it's funny as fuck![Dave]
Fucking kill you one of these days,I swear![Eminem]
Get's you everytime!..
Is that her?[Dave]
Right there motha fucka[Dave]
Get out fucker...Get out![Dave]
What the fuck, ya want me to get under the car!?![Eminem]
Dude, who's she walking with...[Dave]
How the fuck am I Suppose to know?
You told me to duck down! [Eminem]
Not so fucking loud dude
Did she just kiss him!?[Dave]
I dont think so[Eminem]
Dog!!she just fucking kissed him![Dave]
No she didn't[Eminem]
She's fucking kissing him Dog!...Jumps from the car...[Dave]
Oh shit...People yelling "Marshall!"

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