The Reunion de Eminem

Paroles de chanson The Reunion de Eminem

The Reunion
The Reunion

Ayo, This next song...Is a true story
(Come here bitch)

Cuz somethings in this universe dont make sense, but somehow always seem to fuckin work
Riding down 9 75 about to hop on six nintey six
I look over this fuckin chicks tryin to fix her makeup
Im like bitch you aint a plastic seurgen
id advise you to put up your visor
Im gettin kinda ticked, your blockin my side mirrors shes like "yea so",
Im like so your gonna need a stich if you keep actin like that hoe
do I look like your husband slut? thats a retorical question
You talk to me like you talk to him ill fuck you up
Infact get in the backseat, like the rest of my dates no bitch rides shotgun
What taxi stop and pick you some maxi pads up is that what you actualy asked me?
Bitch reaches over and smacks me, says i annoy the fuck outta her
get in the fuck back put on your slut powder you slut what? shut the fuck up
now or get your feeling hurt worst then the last chick
when i accadentially butt towled her and she heard me ?????
turn the radio up louder make you ?????? that relapse cd
tryin to hear that ???? that could why i snap back in that accent
cuz she kept askin me to quit callin a cunt (I said that CUNT!)

she said Marshall you aint really like that oooh ooooh ooh
Your puttin on a show did you like that, cuz your breakin my heart
she said your breakin my heart (2x)

Huh, Pull up to the club in a prosche not a pinto
While Marshall is at a white trash party im at drama central
I walk up in there lookin at my phone, on twitter tweetin
I feel a bunch of bitches lookin at a nigger cheasin
I get approached by this little skeezer,
she asked me im the realiest g cuz im gucci from head to feet
I said yea im really is, cuz i spit in your mans face
like cam did that little kid on kill MCs
shes im feelin your big ego, Wait am i talking wrong
I said nah im a walkin kanye beyonce song
she said im mad at you, I said why
she said why you never make songs whith chicks as if its hard to do
I said i make songs for me leave the studio and go and fuck the bitch
who belong who making song for you, she said im feelin your whole swagger and flow
can we hook up i said MMM you just used the word swagger so no
she said

aint really like that oooh ooooh ooh
Your puttin on a show did you like that, cuz your breakin my heart
she said your breakin my heart (2x)

We been riding around in this hatch back till im fuckin hunch back
Were the fucks this party at slutbag cunt cut what act?
think its an act fuck that im tryin to shaques cuz
but if i find this love shack or somewhere to fuck at
I dont touch that you fat dyke, Im tryin to hear some bagpipes from bahgdad
dont act like you dont like em, them accents i rap tight
And imma torcher you till we find this place yeah thats right!
thought it was just passed this light passed vandyke
better hit that map light read them directions
oh yea you cant read and you cant write told me that last night
she took my CD out the deck snapped it in half like
Relapse sucked!! I snapped hit the gas light
blew through the light spun out hit a patch of black ice
forgot we had a trailer hitched to the back we jacked knifed
bitch flew out the car i laughed like she deserved it
she didnt think id act like that in person
(Royce look i just crashed right in front of the club)

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