Welcome To Detroit de Eminem

Paroles de chanson Welcome To Detroit de Eminem

Welcome To Detroit
Welcome To Detroit

Welcome to motherfuckin' Detroit God damn it
Wonder boy, shit

Yeah, yeah
Let's show 'em some love
Welcome to Detroit

CHORUS [Eminem]
Where's my gangstas and all my thugs?
Throw them hands up and show some love
And I welcome you to Detroit City
I said welcome to Detroit City
Every place everywhere we go
Man we deep everywhere we roll
Ask around and they all know Tricky
That's what's good man they all say Tricky

Click click boom, just as soon as we hit the room
You can hear 'em holla Goon Squad in this bitch
Let me hear you holla Goon Squad in this bitch
Let me hear you holla Runyon Ave. in this bitch
So who am I gonna call on when I ain't got them boys with me
And the situation gets a little sticky
I'ma dial 911 like a mufuckin' punk, fuck that, bla bla
I'ma call that rude boi from Detroit Trick Trick
Quick come pick me up, bring them guns
Come to the club, meet me out front
There's some chump up in this bitch
Poppin' some junk 'cause he's drunk
And we may have to fuck his ass up
'Cause uh somethin' smells a lil' fishy
And I don't like the way his boys keep lookin' at me
So homie come get me, Chedda boys what up though I see you
Rock Bottom, yea I see you, all my Detroit people
Where you at man, let me see them hands in the sky
Detroit mufuckas till we die


[Trick Trick]
Homie it's been a long time comin' and I'm straight with that
Marshall done called me to 54 and laced the track
This the beat you hear it bangin', he produced it himself
My bad, almost forgot to introduce myself
My name is Trick Trick, head of the Goon Squad
And gangsta, been bangin' the underground since 95 we're bangin'
Elected to be the villain, and certified a menace
Holdin' it down since I paroled up outta prison
You heard about me, you just didn't know it was me
All the treacherous, evil deeds of the D you never see
Pickin' that kid up in the game, I just wasn't chasin' the fame
I been chasin' the paper product and givin' lames the pain
Accusations of violence you know you done heard of that
A quarter of a million dollars for beatin' a murder rap
And my boy holdin' me up, Shady done put it out
Trick Trick and Eminem, Detroit back in the house


[Trick Trick]
Aiyo Em, you ever need one of these weapons come get it
From now on every beef that you get in homie I'm in it
I been ridin' for this city, whether wrong or right
I been whippin' on mothafuckas for the longest time
So it's evident, it's time for Trick to get it fast
The public, see they ain't appreciate my criminal past
Authorities tried to stop me but they couldn't keed up
Got a fan-base that's bigger than an average star
I'm satisfied with it bein' my time to shine
And I freak from the precinct for violent crimes
I ain't sayin' the shit that I'm sayin' so girls can fear me
Only speakin' on what I know so the world can hear me
So peace to Jimmy and Dre for signin' my nigga
He reached back to Detroit and grabbed a winner
So the gangstas and thugs, we embrace the love
And beat the hell outta anyone that fuck with us


[Trick Trick]
Yeah, Trick Trick, Eminem, Wonder boy, Shady
It's goin' down baby
Aiyo Em, I got your back my nigga
Damn right I said my nigga
That's my nigga

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