Sorairo (Ing) de Fruits Basket

Paroles de chanson Sorairo (Ing) de Fruits Basket

Sorairo (Ing)
Sorairo (Ing)

Long long is the road oncoming road
Something is hurting and I feel i can't walk on

Standing on tiptoe looking for something everyday but, someday surely
The everchanging sky I look at will be a source of strength

Still there is joy, still there is sadness, and i don't when to expect
Still I must carry on, i know
Alone I cry till the dawn comes(1)

With a bit of determination, I continue to walk on
Though my heart is thumping and the snow dances about the road, spring will bring the flower once more

Returning to a painful day here, but i'm ok
Searching to meet a truly kind person

Sadly, Sadly my heart will break during the night
But still i'll believe in what i'm looking for
With my fragile hopes

My wishes will come true, my wishes come true, even though tears may fall, its ok
Though rain is falling, violently falling
All of it is seeping into the ground

Though going on is painful, that same sadness is wonderful
passing by today, passing by here
To see your smile again

Still there is joy, Still I will hold on to those hands

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