Where Do We Go Now de Hoodie Allen

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Where Do We Go Now
Where Do We Go Now

Where do we go now
When we can't go home now
Probably get thrown out
Where do we go now
Where do we go now, oh

And I'm a product of my environment
That's why these people buy my music when I'm supplying it
They tell me life is always sunny not ultra-violet
I feel like Bradley Cooper trying find me a silver lining
And I don't need a, suit or tie to keep me alive
I just need a good ass crew and a long ass drive, word
Keep it moving and keep improving at the same time
People love me but hate me on the same rhyme
Damn, that's just how I feel man
I ain't one of those rappers who got a deal man
Quit asking, every milestone you try to conquer
I passed it, every album we drop some classic
That's the way we love to congregate the masses
Your momma gotta fatty, it's kinda hard to look past it
And I'm a educated bastard
Rapping is how I'm a get my masters

And I never think I'd be a hero
Growing up with my dad and learning from Al Pacino
Jets fool, middle finger to all you Dan Morinos
I'm living in a move and feeling life Tarantino
Corleone, I'm trying to get my De Niro
Works some long nights and I don't need a cappuccino
All falls down when you live in the casino
Uh, and I'm just trying to add some mutha fucking zeros
So point at Pelegrino, shouts to Instabeano
Shouts to Britain Rules, I didn't know where we would be yo
Back then, getting dinner in Connecticut
Talking 'bout all these rappers we hated
Then getting mad as shit, haha
Like those were those the days
We were living off the feeling
It was going our way
Uh, I know that life changes fast
But I would rather freeze the moment
Than go back and live the past

I ain't trying to front, and tell you it's all confidence
I'm just trying to catch up to other rappers like condiments
Cause I remember when we got no compliments
Opening up for Sean was like my biggest accomplishment
I have my friends going nuts in the front
Acting like I'm hot as shit until Pusha demolished it
One by one we created a following
I learned a lot in class but hated being a college kid
And when I graduated labels started hollering
Work through so much dough, I needed a scholarship
Went to the bank, emptied what I deposited
Then put it into one mixtape, I'm so positive
I'll never make one mistake, I'm so confident
There ya go again, rapping is all opposites
I don't even care if I make it to the top of shit
Cause I'm a keep on ripping and shouts to Jesse Katsopolis

I said I'm a keep on ripping and shouts to Jesse Katsopolis
A Full House in it
Full House in it, yeah
Jared's on the beat
And thank you Fresh
Let's go
Crew Cuts

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