Public Enemy No. 1 de Hypo Psycho

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Public Enemy No. 1
Public Enemy No. 1

Ever since I was young
The teacher said
I'd never come to much
But what you know, it's goin down
And still I claim it was just an accident

I hate my mum and I hate my dad
Cos they moved home without telling me
I drive them crazy and I drove them mad
My name is Mike but the call me Damien

Public Enemy it's so good to be
Public Enemy No #1
Cause the felony and fertility
That's the life for me
On the run
We're doing it just for fun
Public enemy No#1

I quit my job
Cause I was caught on the desk
With the boss's wife
So I guess we'll be calling off
My wedding to the boss's every starter
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I start a riot everywhere I go
I make em look good on the Jerry Springer show
But what the hell I just bleed insane
My name is Mike but they call me Damien


So maybe I'm a little misunderstood
My social worker says one day I'll be good
But let me tell you the truth
A rude boy's gotta be, gotta be, gotta be




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