I Will de I-94

Paroles de chanson I Will de I-94

I Will
I Will

Sing out, so I can hear you once again
You're in my mind now
No doubt that I will always be your friend
Your pictures here, with me, again

Slow days, so slowly they start to feel
They never end here
Your face, smiling on a ferris wheel
It takes me up inside this

Photograph, I can't get all the pieces
And I don't know how I will
I am falling fast to find all the reasons
But I don't know how and I don't know where

Airplanes can take you back to love
Far in the sky, yeah
And I need to fly to you from high above
It's in your eyes, inside this

I won't ever be the same, know my name
I gotta find all of the people left behind

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