Miss Valencia de I-94

Paroles de chanson Miss Valencia de I-94

Miss Valencia
Miss Valencia

It's easy to believe we're all the same
Everyone's familiar as a stranger in this game
I helped you put your coat on in the rain
And gave you everything to watch you close your eyes again

Buying into promises you've made
Broken are the words of yesterday
All we are is wondering inside

Oh, Miss Valencia, why did you take it all away, away
Oh, Miss Valencia, does it hurt too much to say, always

Empty conversations seem so wrong
Tell me what I need to know today to carry on
'Cause I just can't do it all again
And I just can't pretend tomorrow I'm gonna be there
Wipe away the lines upon your face

Everything you want has gone to waste
All we are is wondering inside

Noon to midnight, running faster than time
We can do it, over and over
Say it's all right lying here by your side
We can do it over and over

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