Plasticine de I-94

Paroles de chanson Plasticine de I-94


I can roll you in velvet my queen of the dammed
Take you home to a place that you won't understand
You can take what you want, you can take all you can
I'll unravel your dreams with your life in my hands

So today, I guess your feeling stanger than anything you've ever seen
Just glide away and slide out from today into a world of plasticine

I will lounge with my coffee and lay on the chair
Looking out of the window that takes me nowhere
You can get what you want if you tear out your bones
But you can never replace all the faces you've known

So why complain? If you go insane, just find a place that's so serene
And why pretend, that I can be your friend?
Just watch me bend like plasticine

Don't wanna believe and I don't wanna care
If anyone's there inside
Been looking for something that's never been there
There's nothing to find

So we made all our millions by selling our souls
And nothing remains but a life full of holes
The fortunes we made and the pleasures we stole
Are only reflections of days growing old

So again, I slip from love to hate because there's nothing in between
Feed the pain, If I am to remain inside a world of plasticine
'Cause you can buy a friend to help you to pretend
There will be no end to plasticine

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