Reflect The Storm de In Flames

Paroles de chanson Reflect The Storm de In Flames

Reflect The Storm
Reflect The Storm

Shot for shot
Many bullets penetrate me
Embrace me
Tell me stories of golden gods
The precision in your voice
Pierce the walls that I've built
Your eyes reach deep in me

Take a chance
They don't come much bigger than this
Dark star spent another day with me
A dead surface that doesn't reflect the storm underneath
Take the chance, bring me the calm
...and it leaves nothing

Expose the dark side
Aching and emotional
Expose the dark side
Impossible to tame

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

Throw yourself into the eye of Chaos
Infiltrate me
Sneak out before I awake
Take out the trash and burn it
Try to find a beautiful place to lay
These fragile bones of mine

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