We're Gonna Get Up de Irene Cara

Paroles de chanson We're Gonna Get Up de Irene Cara

We're Gonna Get Up
We're Gonna Get Up

Look at him over there
The one with the lonely smile
Catch his eye in a stare
Anticipation fills the air

So, hey boy what's your name
Why're we waiting...let's get crazy
Hey boy, what's your game
Are you playing...let's just break the rules

(we're) gonna get up --- let it out
(we're) gonna get up --- shakin' and shoutin'
(we're) gonna get up --- stake our claim
When we're through --- we'll never be the same

It's too hard to resist
The lure of that special kiss
Not a moment will we miss
Love was made for nights like this

So, hey boy, take my hand, fire's
Burnin', wheels are turnin'
Hey boy, understand, life's for living
Let's start giving

(repeat chorus)

I just want to spend some time with you
There's a hunger in my heart
Now you got me started

(repeat chorus)

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