Into The Light de Jaci Velasquez

Paroles de chanson Into The Light de Jaci Velasquez

Into The Light
Into The Light

Falling all to pieces
While your demons rock your brain
Paralyzed in comfort, from the venom of your shame

Charming darkness trapped inside you
A fear you can't escape
Don't disappear, I'm right here

Come out come out, get out of your craze
Come on, come on, we're breaking away
Back into the light again
I know, I know that life is a maze
So come on, come on,
I'll show you the way
Back into the light again

You're coming to life again
Picking up the pieces, shattered promises and dreams,
Seemingly impossible, that you could ever be complete
But look at me I used to be hanging by a string
I made it here, your skies will clear


Follow me, we'll get away, we'll live to see another day
We can bathe in the sunshine, follow me, we'll get away
We'll live to see another day, let's bathe in the sunshine

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