Baby's Coming Back de Jellyfish

Paroles de chanson Baby's Coming Back de Jellyfish

Baby's Coming Back
Baby's Coming Back

I knew that when I saw her
That my life would soon move over from
The fast lane
Gone would be the days of all my drinkin'
And my carryin' on

But when I settled down
The party king uncrowned
The stubborn memory hadn't faded
Too many dumb mistakes
And the grief it makes
Left nothin' else to be debated

And if you say that you
Understand then you're lyin'
But if you figure that I'm alright
Now I can't deny it

Baby's coming back
Baby's coming back
So I'm on my best behaviour
I can't take it any more
I just woke up on the floor today
I've long run out of my last chance
But she's on her way

If I had a dollar
For every single time that I fought her
I'd buy a handgun
But that couldn't shoot away
The bullseye that she made on my heart

And if I sound like a beaten man well
I guess so
But on her its the sweetest prize and i
Can't let go

What I told her on the telephone was that i'd
Been so bad
I wouldn't blame her if she mowed down these
Wild oats i'd sown
But when she said she'd give me one
More chance
I said knock three times when you arrive

Baby's coming back...(you know the rest)

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