The Phone Call de Joe Satriani

Paroles de chanson The Phone Call de Joe Satriani

The Phone Call
The Phone Call

[Gimme that phone!]

I got to talk to you, baby, set the record straight.
'Cause this relationship is goin' from love to hate.
You're always trying to make me do things that're really dumb,
And we're always disagreein' on how to have fun.

And you know I don't want what you want,
I want what I want.

Well, you look like a yuppie, and that's too bad.
Yeah, it used to be funny, but now it's sad.
And your friends are all stupid and they talk too much,
And I'd feel a lot better staying out of touch.


You can say goodbye to me, honey.
You can say goodbye to my money.

Well, I'm sittin' here callin' from Tennessee,
And I've been jammin' with my buddies like I ought to be.
And it feels real good bein' on my own,
And I don't mind leaving you dry as bone.


Well, it's all over, it's just too late.
And I'm so glad we're living in different states.
You know I said it all before like I knew I should,
But you got nothing in your head but a block of wood.


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