Moon Ra de Jon Anderson

Paroles de chanson Moon Ra de Jon Anderson

Moon Ra
Moon Ra

Worlds that lie between
Are simply seconds of words we do not mean
Cast a pastel sky
Or simply wonder until the day you die

Eyes have never seen
So pass your future caressing all you've been

All you say
All you dreamed
All memory awaken
Olias all surrounding the storm
To caress all who fall
Amidst, loves light
Shine out
So brightly to each tribe came release
Higher dreams o'er took the smallest hands
Crystallized inside a sleep
Close your eyes
Only wait for the call
Close your eyes
The Moorglade she will sail to the north
All around will delight our eyes
Now as one
We'll sound our lives to the sun
As we wait for the call
To ascend to the stars
All to enter your heart
To your love
To your love
To your love
To your love

Through change of dawn
See, peace will come
Peace will reign
All along our days
See your love
See your love
See your love

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