Olympia de Jon Anderson

Paroles de chanson Olympia de Jon Anderson


What you want, you say you,
You gonna get it easy
What you need, say really,
Electronic digit!

Scientific sell me
So terrific to do
Counting fifty-two, plus micro-chip
Plus you're so serious

Eventide delay
Digital delay

Anytime you meet superstition
Just add thoughts to advision
Then cross collateralise and
Subsidised by television

Media media, push to ninety-five
Set to stabilise,
Mark One plus two eighty five


Just listen watch
And watch more closely now
Such new machines self-loading
Acquire a taste for you
Spells the name remains the same
Shouts of prophet laughter
Set to spellbind you the viewer
To view the voyager.

Eventide delay
Eventide delay
Monitor special moments
That turn to history
The sound can bring you
Whatever you need

Attention Attention
Within the groove
Sharp sophistication
Computer Casio overdrive


Through these hallowed halls
Sing into these ears
Songs of infinite
My child Media

What you want, Electronic Music
What you have, such Symphonic Music

Sanyo, Sony, power multiply by hour
Computer redesign?
Riding out in scale of nine

Eventide Delay
Digital Delay
Anytime you need the Truth
Tune in and turn the key
True Media Media Media
You know you've got to me!!

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