I'm With You de Kutless

Paroles de chanson I'm With You de Kutless

I'm With You
I'm With You

Here am i
I've tried to live without you
It's the reason that i feel so far away
I understand
You see everything i go through
And listen to the broken words i pray

I know you hear me
I know you're answering me saying

Fall in my arms and let me carry you carry you
I know you and i, we can make it through make it through
When crashing waves pull you down in the undertow
Reach out your hand and i swear i won't let you go
I'm with you tonight

All this time you've been walking here beside me
Waiting for the day i'd call your name
So here am i walking through the darkest valley
Shine down your light so i can see

You know i'm weary
I know you're calling out to me

Fall in my arms i will carry you
I know you and i will make it through
All who need rest all who are lonely
Come to me now and just let it go

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