Mistakes de Kutless

Paroles de chanson Mistakes de Kutless


Empty reasons for my past
Excuses do not hold
I'm stuck with my affliction
An inner perfect storm
Why didn't someone warn me
To save me from myself
The pain is self-inflicted
The decisions were my own
Now listen to history

There's so much I could say
There's so much that I've learned
Don't make my mistake
There's no time to delay
Take my hand and learn from my heartache

Take a look into the past
See all the things I've tried
Looking for a truth inside
But only finding pain
See these deep and painful scars
Cutting to the bone
Do you want to look like me
With a broken empty life

Some things you may never understand
But knowledge from lessons not your own
Can save you from the unknown
Which may stop your fall

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