Overcoming Me de Kutless

Paroles de chanson Overcoming Me de Kutless

Overcoming Me
Overcoming Me

Some say it's crazy
That you'd stay here by my side
I don't want to spend a day
Without you in my life
Maybe I'm a dreamer and
It seems that I'm lost within my mind
I'm searching for the Moment
Dreams and destiny collide

I just need you to love me

I can't stop you from overcoming me
It's brought me to my knees
I don't want you letting go of me
I'm standing in the pouring rain
I can't believe you'd do the same
I can't stop you from overcoming me

I am not deserving of the
Way you see me in your eyes
You take me for who I am, I guess
I wonder why
Maybe reassuring is all I can to do
In the meantime
But none of this can change
The fact that lately
I've needed you around

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