Ca-me-camera de Laban

Paroles de chanson Ca-me-camera de Laban


But i make you try
Just a little while this way, ok
And the things i say
Make you stay in a place
When i focus on your face

Are you positive?
Are you negative?
Am i zooming in too fast?
I could picture our love in a flash

(i watch you)
Through my camera
(i'll catch you)
And in my dark room
I can make you appear
(i see you)
Make your lips say
(oh baby, please do...)
You'll make my dreams come true
Don't let you smile disappear

It's only black and white
And there was too much light
But i don't care
'cause i can make believe
That you belong to me
Even though you won't be there
If you're positive
If you're negative
I don't really mind at all
'cause i will always have you on my wall

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