Every time that you walk out on me
I regrets back to the one that I came to see
There's someone I have never talked about
I know that we both be dead if you found out
Every time you tell me that I'm wrong
I just can remeber how to play along
There's something that I never told
I'm not really from this world
There's something I've been withholding
I'm not like every other girl

You the one of my dreams
You are the man of my dreams I'm looking for

So if you begin to think that my light maybe supernatural
I'll have to say you're right you right it is
I come from a place that your mind cant even imagine

We'll we sing maha maha maha maha maha, maha,
Lalla mahi mahi, la la mahi mahi
Your the man of my dream s that ive waited for

Well we say maha maha maha oh maha, maha

I give my love babe
On your devoted
I give my love babe
On your devoted

Maha mhah maha hmha maha, maham mahaa

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