Little boy, living without you won't be easy to do
Little boy, you are the love of my high life
And if you don't wanna talk to me
Well, then I think that's all right

Lord watch over, my love, my love

Knowing you are hurt inside
I think of all your happy times, oh my
When I ask what I can do
You say: Remember me the way I was six months ago
I could do so much more for you, you know
I could just make you well if you just asked me to

Lord watch over, my love

I'll do anything for you, or for him, or who else needs help out there, I swear, I swear

Lord watch over, my love, always

Think of you on quiet nights
At traffic lights and every highway end
I get a little scared sometimes whenever we wanna meet our fine house of friend

Lord watch over, my love, my love

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